Product Advantages

SOLID-LOCK® provides a reliable and predictable everyday
Not only does SOLID-LOCK® provides a secure locking function, it also improves the bolt´s overall performance. SOLID-LOCK® will eliminate the need to retighten bolts on regular basis and lead to positive impacts on costs and safety.


Product benefits

·       Sustains the clamping force in the connections and thereby ensuring a safe bolt connection.

·       Quick and easy to install and/or remove with the use og standard tools.

·       Oils or any type of lubrication will not affect the locking function.

·       Lubrication in the connection will results in a more precise preload.

·       Possesses equal temperature characteristics as that of standard nuts and bolts.

·       SOLID-LOCK® washers are reusable.

·       The washers have undergone a unique hardening treatment and can support and distribute great loads.

·       Expanded outer diameter washers available for flanged nuts and bolts.

·       High-corrosion resistant.

·       Can be used with fasteners up to grade 12.9 (ASTM A574).

·       Give a secure locking function even with a short clamp length on the bolt.

·       A Solid-Lock wedge locking washers works on low or high preload.

·       Certifiable locking function.

·       A modern technique and an effective problem solving method.

·       High corrosion resistance for stainless steel washers


More than a washer!

When designing an application, it is important to contemplate the results the product will harvest within its lifespan.

By using SOLID-LOCK®, you benefit from our experience and expertise, and we will provide you with the guidance to the most advantageous and successful design.

Long-term benefits
Throughout the operational cycle, SOLID-LOCK® improves operational reliability, reduces maintenance expenses, and at the same time decreases the probability of accidents, warranty claims and production impediments.





In-house laboratory
SOLID-LOCK® has its own fully equipped in-house laboratory using the latest technology and highly advanced testing equipment. Solid-Lock`s wedge locking washers and Solid-Lock`s production line is type approved from independent classification societies.



A Global leader in surface coating technology

Alloy steel anti-corrosion resistance

SOLID-LOCK® solely uses the best of European materials, precise hardness requirements, and our Delta Protekt washers and Stainless steel washers have the best corrosion resistance to ensure that SOLID-LOCK® unique wedge-locking function has the best performance.