Wedge Lock

SOLID-LOCK® - introducing a new and improved wedge locking washer
Since the beginning,
SOLID-LOCK® washers have been subject to continuous development with constantly improved production techniques. This has resulted in the establishment of a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility providing the world’s best bolt securing system.

For our Solid-Lock ® washers we  :


§  Have several patented improvements

§  Are using optimized curing methods

§  Have patented improvements which require a lower torque to obtain a secure and safe locking of the bolt connection

§  Produce our SOLID-LOCK® washers with imported class material from the best European steel suppliers

§  Offer price-conscious opportunities: value for money! ; And as a consequence making Solid-Lock ® washers more accessible for different type of industries improving and upgrading their safety standards!

Quality stands at the core of our business and is reflected in our products and the way of working.

Risk management

Bolts coming loose due to vibrations or dynamic loads occurs on a daily basis for all kinds of industries worldwide. Challenges in demanding industrial environments calls for solutions and technologies minimizing downtime and potential risks. Materials must be selected for durability, safe designs and with focus on environment.

Washers, nuts and bolts can be considered as trivial hardware, but are in fact critical components in applications in all industries.  A connection with a minor flaw, can cause serious consequences regarding life, health and environment, or costly downtime if it fails.

Bolts come loose because of vibrations and dynamic loads, and need correct installation and to be secured with a locking method that resists vibration and dynamic loads to be safe.

Safe and effective bolt connections are critical to obtain safety in applications that are exposed to vibration and dynamic loads. The wedge-locking technology is well known as the best way to secure a bolt connection against loosening. Wedge locking washers ensures bolt connections against loosening by using tension in the bolt instead of friction.

Our business philosophy is to provide customers with first-class service and high quality products. Our patented SOLID-LOCK® washers can withstand vibrations and dynamic loads with a lower torque because the patented improvements that Solid-Lock have on their washers, gives a better intervention in the substrate and in the head of the bolt and the nut.

SOLID-LOCK® wedge-lock washers will positively influence industries in terms of safety and contribute to significant cost savings.