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SOLID-LOCK Manufacture Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008. Our company’s primary focus is to provide the world with the highest quality and most effective bolt securing system. Since our establishment, we have been recognized as the world’s best and most qualified wedge lock washer manufacturer.

Our business philosophy is to provide customers with first-class service and high quality products. Our role in being a first class partner for companies in various industries all over the world is increasing in a rapid pace.

Our patented product SOLID-LOCK® has been employed as the world’s first washer with a improved wedge-shaped design. It has also been noted as the most advanced and effective washer that can safely withstand severe vibrations and a substantial amount of weight.

By choosing SOLID-LOCK®, not only are you just getting a supplier and manufacturer in one, you will also reap the benefits of working and cooperating with our manufacturing experts. 。

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